2True Cosmetics Nail Polish

ve heard of 2True Cosmetics before but have never tried them out, until now!

When I attended the Xmas Blogger Meet, I received a 2True Nail Polish in the goody bag and I’ve been waiting to test it out for ages. There was a whole load of different colours (believe me, I packed all of the goody bags with them!) so I had no idea which one I would get, but I ended up with the imaginatively named ‘Shade #11’.

Thankfully I managed to pick up a really cute shade, kind of a shimmering lavender colour. It’s a little thin but two coats sorted that out and it dries quite quickly too! It’s a really subtle shade, the type I put on and spend ages looking at when I’m typing.

It’s lovely to apply and would look great with a darker purple accent nail! I’d definitely recommend this brand and it’s definitely one I’m going to check out again! I’m pretty sure you can get 2True at Superdrug stores!

– Don’t forget to check out the CherryPie Shop before you go!

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