5 Easy Ways To Go Green

We all sometimes have a wish to go green but somehow most of us never follow through. People mostly have an argument that living an environmentally friendly lifestyle is just too expensive but in reality, this isn’t quite true. Today everyone should play an important part in saving our planet and keeping our environment clean and safe. So, here are 5 easy ways to go green which can also help you save money.

Farmers market

Sometimes we all get frustrated and confused in supermarkets when we are trying to decide if we should buy organic or not. Should I buy regular fruit or pay one dollar more for organic and does it really matter? These are the questions we often ask ourselves. The best way to put an end to this is to forget about the supermarkets and to stop by your local farmers’ market.

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Fruit and vegetables are in most cases cheaper and healthier. This is also good for the environment because this food has traveled shorter distances to get to you which means less fuel and less pollution. Farmers often use organic practices which makes the food tasty and healthy. By buying at farmers’ markets you will be contributing to small local businesses which are the future if we want to save our planet.

Utility use

Probably the easiest way to live greener and save money on bills is to make sure you’re not using utilities at home more than you actually need. Always turn off the lights when you’re leaving the room and also open the blinds to rely on sunlight as much as you can during the day. Always wash the dishes when the dishwasher is full and install a low flow showerhead and take shorter showers in order to cut back on water use.

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When winter comes, you don’t need to overheat your home because it isn’t actually healthy. You should let our bodies adjust to the temperature and you will also quickly see how your savings will add up. In summer, try to be rational with your air conditioner. Once your home is cooled down shut it off. It doesn’t have to work all day. Make a habit of unplugging your electronics when you’re not using them. Most people overcharge their smartphones completely unaware that they are wasting energy.

Buy used stuff

We should all sometimes ask ourselves ‘’Do I really need to buy this’’ and ‘’should I buy used? ’’. We all have a bad habit of buying stuff that we don’t even need or replacing some old stuff that actually still work with new ones. Avoid spending unnecessary money on new stuff because you can always buy used or rent. Being a minimalist won’t hurt and in the end, you will save money.

Green your transportation

We all know that cars are polluters but in our world, it is almost necessary to have one. So if you want to make a change there are ways you can green up your transport. If you own a car then you should inflate your tires, drive more slowly and try to combine trips in order to save gas.

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For long trips, it is best that you go by train and you should consider buying carbon offsets that will invest your money into alternative energies. Also, for short distances, it is best that you ride your bicycle. If your workplace isn’t really far away consider going by bike. It is a great exercise which will definitely keep you healthier and will enhance the quality of your life.

Consider e-cigarettes

People often think that cigarettes are only bad for their health. The truth is that not only they are bad for your health but are devastating for our environment. Tobacco cultivation causes deforestation and utilizes harmful chemicals. Farmers clear the forests by burning them and because these lands are often agricultural marginal, after only a few seasons the land is abandoned and in many cases reduced to desertification. Not only does the burning pollute the air and ground, farmers use inorganic chemical fertilizers to promote growth and herbicides to mitigate competing weeds.

Also, tobacco is very vulnerable to pests, so farmers use heavy pesticides that are toxic for you and the land itself. If you are a smoker the best option is always to just quit.

There are many ways to go green and help save the planet. There is always room for new ideas o and don’t be afraid to be creative. The important thing is to always stay aware and constantly educate yourself on how to live healthier and greener. Always prepare before you make a choice. There is so much info about xn--24-hd0jfsy05a72xokc at https://www.xn--24-hd0jfsy05a72xokc.com

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