Abu Dhabi hotels report record numbers

Hotels and flats of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, had in the first half its best performance for the the first half of the year in terms of guests, overnights and revenues. The occupancy rate reached 77%.

Data released by the Tourism and Culture Authority of Abu Dhabi (TCA), shows that more than 1.7 million registered guests were reported in the Emirate from January to June, an increase of 28% over the first half of 2013.

The number of overnight stays in hotels was nearly 5.15 million, an increase of 22% for the same period of last year, and the occupancy rate slipped 8%. Revenues of hotels and rented rooms increased by 15% to 3.089 billion dirhams (US$ 841 million) and 1.578 billion dirhams (US$ 430 million), respectively.

The increase in occupancy rate should be observed along with the fact that the number of hotels in the emirate reached 154 in June, a total of 27,404 rooms, against 145 hotels in June 2013, with 25270 rooms.

On the origins of tourists, there was a 25% increase in visitors from the GCC, 35% from India, 26% from the UK and 8% from Germany.

The TCA reported that a number of factors influenced this outcome, one of them is the highly competitive daily average price of 348 dirhams, (US$ 95). Another factor is the increase of air routes with new flights by Etihad Airways, to new destinations such as Medina, Saudi Arabia , Jaipur, India, Zurich, Switzerland, and Los Angeles, the United States, and the beginning of a nonstop service to Brisbane, Australia.

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