Abu Dhabi Unveils 2011 Tourism Figures

2011 has been remarkably profitable for the tourism and hospitality sector in Abu Dhabi.  The Emirati city attracted 2.1 million more visitors than had been expected for the year.  These figures are even more impressive in light of the myriad challenges curtailing growth in the tourism industry as a whole

Guest nights in Abu Dhabi rose 22 percent to 6.3 million, and occupancy rates were 69 percent.  Revenues increased three percent, to AED4.375 billion, while food and beverage revenue was up by six percent, to reach AED1.605 billion.

The Chairman of Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority commented on the above figures by saying, “This is a highly encouraging result in a year which has seen substantial additions to our hotel and resort inventory, including several five-star beach properties opening up Saadiyat Island to guests.”

He added that the rise in visitors was a direct result of the marketing campaigns that were launched by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority in the US and Russia, as well as in the Asian markets. Expanding airway networks also played a determining role in achieving record numbers. Moreover, Abu Dhabi’s all-year-round world-class events helped shift the eyes of the world to the UAE, which boasts attractive tourism destinations that appeal to most tastes.

As for the nationalities that visited Abu Dhabi, 39 percent were UAE nationals, 45 percent were from neighboring GCC countries, 11 percent were from other Arab countries, 14 percent were from Asian countries, and visitors from Europe accounted for 18 percent.

“We are also now working ever more closely with stakeholders to spur creative packaging of our products, including our events and to realize the potential held out by the UNESCO Heritage site listing of attractions in Al Ain,” said the chairman.

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