Activities at Tanger Med port continues to grow

Tanger Med port continues its momentum. Since the beginning of the year, over a million and a half containers passed through the port, which is 24% more compared to last year.

TMSA, manager of Tanger Med, plans to exceed 3 million containers in 2014, though of course, global growth continues. Already last year, the port broke its own record by surpassing the 2.5 million container mark.

In Africa, the Moroccan port is ranked 3rd just after Port Said in Egypt and Durban, South Africa.

On the passenger side, the port concentrates most on the flow of Moroccans living abroad (MRE). Since the beginning of the transit operation on “Marhaba” on June 5, the port has seen 183,000 people and more than 60,000 vehicles. To this one should add more than 900 buses.

Many efforts have been made to better the reception of MRE. In addition to the commissioning of the new ferry terminal, which is expected to make the passage much more comfortable.

Tanger Med also relies heavily on communication. In addition to an internet website in French and Arabic, IOS and Android applications are downloadable. These allow to know in real time the passenger flow, scheduling and the traffic situation at the port.

And last but not least, a special radio is being launched. Available in Arabic, French and even English, it will provide information on the weather, schedules and other relevant information

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