Algeria: Mercedes – Benz truck production starts

The first Mercedes – Benz truck produced in Algeria will leave the factory in Rouiba, east of the capital Algiers in April, according to information by the president and director general of the government’s national industrial vehicles ( SNVI , its acronym in French ) Hamoud Tazerouti .

The factory is expected to produce 556 trucks in 2014, and it forecasts that in five years the unit will have a production capacity of 16,500 vehicles, and 15,000 trucks in five different models, 500 thousand buses and minibuses. With this, SNVI estimates that its market share will grow from 20% today to 80 % by 2019.

The factory is the result of a partnership between the Algerian government and Aabar, UAE Company, with a capital of EUR 103 million. The first holds 51% shares, of which 34% of SNVI and 17 % of the Ministry of Defense, and the last has the remaining 49% .

Tazerouti added the start of production at a factory of light vehicles in Tiaret , southwest of Algiers, is scheduled for the end of this year. It will be also under the Mercedes brand .

The facility will have a capacity to produce 8000 vehicles annually, with 6000 Sprinter vans and jeeps 2000 Class G. This endeavor is shared by SNVI with 17% , the Ministry of Defence 34 % and Aabar 49%.

In both projects, the German automaker is present as a technology partner.

The SNVI had revenues of 18.6 billion Algerian dinars ($ 235 million at current exchange rates) in 2013, an increase of 8% over 2012. For this year, the company expects to increase its revenue to 24.2 billion dinars ($ 305.5 million). With regard to exports, the company plans to regain the African market

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