Algeria plans huge investment in water sector

In Algeria, the water sector should receive 1.5 trillion dinars (U.S. $ 18.84 billion) in investment over the next five years to meet the needs of the Algerian people, said on Wednesday (11) Minister of Water Resources, Hocine Necib. The amount will finance the construction of 26 dams, four projects for transfer of water and about 700 wells, among other works, according to the minister. It will also give emphasis on rehabilitation and expansion of drinking water distribution systems to allow access to the entire population of the country, he added.

Since 2000, Algeria gives high priority to the issue of water, allocating 3 trillion dinars ($ 37.68 billion) to finance major projects. About 70% of the Algerian territory is covered by the Sahara Desert.

It is also among the priorities of the sector to improve the daily water supply. Currently, only 75% of the population has daily access to water, the other 25% of residents just have access one every two days.

In parallel, the industry leaders promote a program of rehabilitation of drinking water distribution systems to reduce waste in the network. Of the 45 cities scheduled to be benefited from this project, 18 have started reforms worth 65 billion dinars ($ 816 million).

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