Algeria, Tanzania in oil and gas talks

Algeria and Tanzania want to cooperate in the strategic energy sector. The program includes a joint venture for the distribution of electricity as well as projects related to gas distribution, drilling and production of oil.

Algeria, an OPEC member and major gas exporter, is currently in talks with Tanzania for the drilling and exploration of gas and oil wells in the country, reported APS July 7.

“We are about to create a joint venture for the distribution of electricity. Other projects include butane gas and exploration of oil and gas, a sector in which Algeria has extensive experience, “said Youcef Yousfi, Algerian Minister of Energy. His Tanzanian counterpart, Sospeter Muhongo, for his part, explained that his country wanted to “build on the experience of Algeria to explore oil and gas in several parts of Tanzania,” added APS.

Algeria, through the national oil company Sonatrach, offers expertise in many African countries. Sonatrach explores a dozen of oil blocks in Africa, six in Mauritania, two in Mali and Libya, one in Tunisia and Niger.

The Algerian group is also a leading proponent of “Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline,” the Algerian-Nigerian mega-pipeline launched by NEPAD.

Finally, the energy group said last year it was in talks with Mozambique, a neighbor of Tanzania, for the acquisition of shares in offshore gas projects operated by Italy’s Eni and Anadarko Petroleum Corp U.S..

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