Arab Health Meeting Covers Robotic Surgery

Attendees of the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress in Dubai will discuss the latest innovations in healthcare science including robotic surgery, and the possibilities for such care in the Middle East.

While healthcare is a problem in much of the greater Middle East, including North Africa and the Levant, speakers hope that the newest technologies will be utilized in the Gulf at the very least.

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Keynote speaker, Professor the Lord Darzi of Denham PC, KBE said, “There have been significant successes and challenges in healthcare systems in the 20th century, with a major focus on technology innovation and clinical translation. In addition to technology advances, such as robotic surgery, there are a number of low-cost, high-impact solutions such as surgical safety checklists that have also contributed significantly to improved patient outcomes.”

Lord Darzi, who acted as under-secretary for the UK’s Department of Health between 2007 and 2009, has performed extensive research on how to achieve the best surgical practices while focusing on safety and quality.

Robotic surgery, a particular focus of Lord Darzi’s, is a popular and growing field. It is used in roughly 200,000 surgeries worldwide every year, and is lauded for its ability to perform delicate operations without human error, such as shaking hands.

Managing director Simon Page of Informa Life Sciences, the organizer of Arab Health, said, “Robotic surgery is on the increase in the MENA region; Saudi Arabia has seen the strongest development of the use of robotic surgery during the past ten years, closely followed by both Egypt and Qatar. New robotic surgery cases and newly adapted robotic procedures will pave the way for hospitals to potentially increase their treatment numbers.”

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