Camel beauty in Saudi Arabia !

In search of the natural beauty and to avoid traps, a Camel contest in Saudi Arabia banned plastic surgeries to animals involved in this competition.

Not even a small retouch on camels is allowed in order to compete for the most beautiful camel in the famous Um Raqiba Festival, in the north desert.

The event’s organizers set up a commission to investigate the coveted camel to prevent the owners from committing “fraud or deceit”, according to the official Saudi news agency SPA

The committee is comprised of veterinarians who will inspect each of the camels in order to discover whether the animal underwent some cosmetic operation by “doctors and traditional methods” to improve its image.

Specialist Mohamed Salman, a member of the committee that will review the camels, told the agency that it is first time that such review takes place in the history of the competition. So far, the team has had no evidence of any breach of the rules for the award, said Mohamed.

Each year, lovers of these animals from different countries of the Persian Gulf, attend Um Raqiba for 40 days to choose the most beautiful camel. In this beauty pageant, each camel must parade in front of a committee of 20 judges with its owner and with a sign on its body so it can be distinguished from the others.

The festival, which includes a market and a beauty contest, each year attracts wealthy Arab businessmen who can afford over five million dollars for a camel they like.

King Abdelaziz prize includes 15 awards for categories in which animals compete by the color of its hair, like blonde, pure white, yellow with black spots, white -red and black , among others. The awards are ranging from $26,000 to $52.000.

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