Casablanca Stock Exchange fails to grow

The Casablanca Stock Exchange is still sluggish despite the recovery observed since the fourth quarter of 2013. this is the case especially if its performance is compared with other bourses in the region, particularly in terms of development indices, volumes and the number of companies listed. Political stability, fiscal consolidation and resilience of the national economy, long cited by professionals as specific benefits of the kingdom, have not helped to improve the market situation. At the same time, other countries in the region, still suffering political and economic instability, see their financial markets accommodate more investors and issuers.

At the end of the first half of 2014, the Cairo Stock Exchange showed a rise of 20.3% of its main index. Turkey registered slightly less with an increase of 15.8% since the beginning of the year. Even Tunisia has made a half-year performance of 4.9% increase, while Jordan posted a rise of 2.5% while the Casablanca Stock Exchange achieved a small increase of 1.2%.

Indeed, if the Cairo Stock Exchange was booming, this is mainly due to its weight in terms of market capitalization ($ 67 billion) which ranks it as second in Africa after South Africa, with 212 listed companies. For foreign investors, including Arabs, the Egyptian bourse is perceived as a regular market despite the fragile economy.

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