CBD and Yoga: Rediscovering the Health Benefits of this Ancient Duo

CBD and Yoga

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Yoga is as old as human civilization, which involves some coordinated body movement to reward users with various health benefits. It is a mild workout that improves coordination, flexibility and opens users up to spiritual awakening.

Right from times past, yoga and cannabis have been intertwined. Pantanjali, the Godfather of modern yoga, marked some herbs as essential on the path to enlightenment.

CBD and yoga act on the parasympathetic nervous system. With this combination, users can experience deep relaxation and an absolute connection to themselves. While yoga opens you up to spiritual awareness, CBD positions the body to respond to such virtues.

This combination complements each other and produces a similar result, which comes with a series of benefits. Users get improved focus, relief from pain, and an ultimate connection between the body, soul, and spirit.

Here are some benefits one will get from the combination of this ancient duo

1.   It May encourage Healthy Sleep.

Sleep is essential for health and wellbeing. It is not for the weak alone, but a necessary nighttime ritual meant to relax, reenergize and facilitate recovery of various body parts, especially the brain. Many people quickly see the effect of inadequate sleep like irritation, low productivity, decreased energy levels, mood swings, etc.  Sadly, sleep does not come easy for many people. Falling asleep easily is hard for some while maintaining a deep and relaxing sleep does not come easy for others.

The series of movements involved in yoga poses could trigger pain and fatigue. CBD can alleviate such pain making it easy to fall asleep quickly and enjoy a night of deep sleep. There is CBD tincture for insomnia that can induce sleep easily.

CDB for Healthy Sleep

CDB for Healthy Sleep

Photo by Tree of Life Seeds from Pexels

2.   Optimum Stress Relief

Many stressors exist in our present world, which triggers the release of cortisol. When cortisol gets in excess, it sets the stage for several health issues. However, there are healthy ways to bring down stress levels, and yoga is one of them. According to a study, yoga can reduce cortisol secretion, which translates to decreased stress and relief from fatigue and depression.

CBD, on its own, can provide incredible relief from stress and anxiety. This happens through CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system of the body that affects many body functions.

Combining CBD and yoga can equip the body to handle various stresses by acting on multiple parts of the body. When you take CBD right before a yoga section, it can relax the nerves. This induces concentration, equipping you with the strength to attempt various yoga poses with reduced fatigue.

3.   CBD can Regulate Digestion and Appetite

There are many reasons why people practice yoga. Some do it to achieve a slim body, while others do it to keep their fitness level intact. However, regular yoga can improve the digestive system, supporting the breakdown of fat.

Based on research, adding CBD to your yoga routine can improve your weight loss capacity. CBD works on the hormones and the brain, which reduces hunger and appetite. This happens via CBD’s ability to reduce the secretion of ghrelin  – the hunger hormone. In addition to getting the perfect weight loss, this combination is primal to preventing heart issues and other disorders. It can help you keep fit and avoid other age-related illnesses.

4.   It Can Improve Focus

There are many sources of distraction in our present world. It is easy to get lost in the series of events demanding our attention like bills to pay, deadlines to meet, relationship obligations, etc. As a result, yoga provides many people with a connection between their minds and body.

While performing yoga, some people aim to boost focus and keep their minds on something. Meditation, a form of yoga, attempts to bring the attention of the person to the moment. With this, they concentrate on their breath as they let go of everything around them. Sadly, many people struggle with meditation, as the focus does not come easy. The mind could be difficult to control at times, and this is where CBD comes in – help people focus.

According to research, CBD can act on the serotonin agents that can bring about laser focus. With CBD, the brain gets an optimum supply of serotonin, thus improving focus. CBD can be the missing link to attain the relaxation you need to enjoy meditative yoga.

5.   Relieve from Chronic Pain

Many people suffer from various forms of pain. It might be from injury, illness like arthritis, etc. Advanced forms of yoga poses involve different moves that affect a series of body muscles resulting in soreness across multiple body parts.

Again, CBD comes in to save the day by making you go about your yoga practice without dealing with pain. CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce distress in overstressed muscle parts and joints. As a result, the consumption of CBD before yoga will increase your strength and energize you to attempt various yoga poses without dealing with the associated pain.


CBD can be the catalyst that will bring out several benefits of yoga and relieve side effects like pain. It is a terrific pair that can improve the overall quality of your life. With CBD, you can take your yoga practice to the next level.

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