Compulsory military service in the UAE

The UAE has adopted a new law on compulsory military service, reported WAM, the state news agency of the UAE.

Reporting that the country moves to compulsory military service, the agency states that the new law “aims to instill the values of loyalty and self-sacrifice in the hearts of citizens.”

The law foreseen military service for young people aged between 18 and 30 years who do not have higher education for the past two years and for those who will go to university in the next nine months.

The law, published in the Official Gazette of the country stipulates, “the defense of the Federation is a sacred duty of all citizens,” as so, the law also establishes a voluntary military service for women, but is subject to the approval of their guardian, the agency said.

Besides the UAE, Qatar also passed earlier this year similar law for men 18 to 35 years old of compulsory military service. Kuwait also plans to do the same.

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