DHL fires Muslim employees for praying

A recent case of intolerance towards Muslims lead to the fireing of 24 workers from the international delivery company DHL at the Hebron Branch in Kentucky, US. The workers were supposedly fired for have prayed during their work hours.
Some of the employees, whom had been at the company for up to 6 years, claimed that in the past they were able to pray due to flexible break hours. The employees would use such hours to partake in the evening prayers. However, a recent change in the break policy which prohibited them from determining their own breaks consequecialy prohibited them from praying. when they decided to pray anyways they were dismised from their jobs.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the US’s largest Muslim civil liberties organisation, said the workers’ firing is a violation of the country’s 1964 Civil Rights Act and Kentucky Civil Rights Act. These acts require employers to reasonably accommodate staff’s religious practices.
DHL has denied firing the workers for exercising their right to perform religious practices. “While we believe that all respective internal rules of DHL Global Mail are perfectly in line with legal requirements, we will investigate/consider the case carefully,” DHL said in a statement.
“DHL Global Mail is an equal opportunity employer and takes seriously all complaints of harassment and discrimination, however we do not comment in detail on pending charges or litigation. Our policies provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment,” it added.
“DHL Global Mail ensures employees’ religious practices are
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