Dubai Implements Dress Code During Ramadan

During the holiday month of Ramadan, residents of Dubai decided to relaunch a campaign to encourage tourists to follow some “rules of decency” in their dress codes. As a result, the movement has put up flyers and posters calling for visitors to wear appropriately modest clothing. So far, the hijab is not required…

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The campaign aims to respect the holy month of Ramadan, which this year coincides with the summer tourist season. Due to the oppressive heat, foreign tourists usually walk around in very light clothing.

The general goal of the campaign is to encourage visitors to respect the social and cultural morals of the United Arab Emirates. Named “UAE Dress Code”, it was actually launched in May 2012.

The organizers said many locals were frustrated when seeing women in bikinis or watching a couple kissing in public. While the request for respecting customs of the country is valid throughout the year, organizers are mobilizing more with the arrival of summer tourists, actively distributing leaflets in malls and other public places.

Some organizers have proposed the idea of fines for non-compliance with a decent outfit.

Tourists who have been asked welcomed the initiative and stressed the need to respect the cultural sensitivities of a host country.

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