Dubai to host the 13th edition of the MENA Forex

ARABCOM group is pleased to announce the launch of the 13th MENA FOREX show 2014 entitled ” Invest with the best “ at the Ritz -Carlton Hotel Dubai  International Financial Centre on June 9 to 10 in the presence of a large number of Retail and Institutional Investors, speculators, traders, analysts,  businessmen, international experts and with the participation of the most important brokerage firms from the world and the region.

Mrs. Katia Tayar president of ARABCOM group said: “This session of MENA Forex, managed funds and investment opportunities, will shed the lights on the latest Forex industry developments in the world where the breadth of knowledge, advanced networks , systems, software applications,  and the diversification of investments, doubles the challenges and offers opportunities for traders to benefit from smart devices, social networks, High Tech trading platforms, Robots trader, within an increasing number of traders in the Middle East in the shadow of the  openness and the progress and development of telecommunications networks, Internet and its services .

We have selected Dubai one more time because it is ranked number one on the top of the most advanced cities in the world on all levels, from infrastructure, to Communications, to hospitality services, and being the Business hub of the region gathering 154 nationalities,  thanks to the vision, wisdom and determination of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum , Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai , and his target to have Dubai a smart City by excellence. Dubai has the highest standards in the world and is a major player in the knowledge economy to materialize the dreams of the people to keep pace with the new millennium .

Tayar added that our goals are to spread awareness about the risks and benefits of online trading and investing in the financial markets covering Trading in commodities currencies equities Bonds Options Islamic chariaa compliant services and other derivatives  . The forex market represents 5.3 trillion dollars of daily trading which is the  world’s largest .

Online trading is convenient and easy, but also risky if you don’t know about it.
Educating ourselves is the phase one, but there are few things investors should be careful about.
Never select a high leverage that will put your capital at high risks. Plan your trade and Trade your plan, select regulated brokers, have the best set-up in place and make sure your trading firm provide you with the best services such as getting real time updates and quotes, and a minimal slippage in case of volatile markets. There can be no two-ways about it. Being aware of daily fundamental news and economic calendar is a must to prepare yourself and decide what to trade and when to trade.
Having access to technical studies about price direction entry and exit points is the main element to plan your trade. Your broker must give you the best rates for the tools you will trade, the best support, If not then you have every reason to move to a different broker who will offer you the best.

The event is a unique platform for those interested to learn and understand more online trading as it constitutes the interface to attract major brokerage firms in the world , paving the way for the participants,  visitors and investors to build bridges of communication and discover the opportunities to achieve the goals . This event is an important occasion for traders and investors to learn about different services provided by brokerage firms to them during the show through the open demo accounts for visitors and participants . It is also an important occasion to exchange views with leading experts , technicians and analysts who are keen to participate periodically at this conference and exhibition .

MENA FOREX SHOW got overwhelming response in all its editions from the participants having made this event a great successes in a row and contributed to raising the level of awareness and caution and good performance of the traders in the region , and has enabled many of the traders to keep their investments and choose the best brokers appropriate for their investment objectives .

Tayar added that The invitation to participate at this event is open to all Individuals and Institutions to benefit from the presence of the exhibiting companies and the conference sessions . Among the Top companies exhibiting there are Swiss banks which are keen to participate periodically and are classified among the top ten globally such as Swissquote bank and Dukascopy bank along with Top brokerage firms and exchange houses such as  Alpari – ICM capital – AFXcapital –  Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange -Spot Option – Sucden Financial – Online Trading Academy – RoboForex – Mill Trade -Maxim Trader – Easy Forex – Merex markets – Gold i – Windsor Broker- Fidelis Capital Market – Exness – Bullion Capital – Fxnet – Green Valutfx – Tradologic – Tradenext – Trading Central and others who came specially for the first time to Dubai in 2014 from Australia, Great Britain, Switzerland, New Zealand, Russia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Italy , making this event a real platform so investors choose the right partner or mediator and build more confidence between the parties .

The brokerage firms will offer the latest trading platforms, smart and modern applications advanced systems and services, experts tools, and also provides technical guidance and advice to visitors and participants as well as demo accounts for all visitors to the event in addition to many live trading competitions.

The Conference will host a number of speakers from the world and will highlights fundamental and technical trading techniques , strategies, economic conditions, and the future outlook for this financial markets and how to take advantage of investment opportunities and financial trading , which has become more attractive to investors in terms of the flexibility of trading in all directions in a slight slowdown of the global economy and the positive impact of the crises in global sovereign rates trading in currencies , metals and others, making this the most active market at a rate of a hundred times more than the stock markets. It also sheds light on how to take advantage of price fluctuations in the midst of the risks to the economies of the major countries of the political crises and others.

There are more than five million traders in the world using smart phones and portable devices to enter these markets, trade , invest, buy and sell, so no one control the market trends anymore which encourages traders to double their investments and operations continuously .
Tayar added the invitation is open for all Free of charge to attend the conference sessions, visit the exhibition , take advantage of the workshops and discover the real opportunities offered by the major brokerage firms at the exhibition.

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