Egypt opens marriage school

In Egypt, a school where young people are prepared for marriage was opened. The school will help young Egyptians make the right choice before marriage and teach them how to behave after marriage.

But why did the need for such a school? The founder of the school, Wagieh Ahmed explained that this is the free first school in the Arab world that teaches marriage preparation.

According to statistics, in recent years the divorce rate reached 45%, which is not usual for Egyptian society. And according to Ahmed the reason is that, along with the political illiteracy and cultural illiteracy, there is also family life illiteracy. Young people do not know how to choose a bride or groom, or how to behave after marriage. Usually young people in Egypt simply copy their parents.

As an example he told a story of a student of the school, who said that she decided to take the marriage preparation course after visiting a friend and asked her why she cut the head and tail of the fish to fry it. The friend explained that her mother had always done so. Asked the mother, and she explained that she was repeating what her grandmother did. Asked the grandmother. She first could not understand what they wanted from her and then explained that when she was young she just had one very small pot, and, whole fish would not fit there.

Ahmed said that people respond positively to the idea. Their target audience is in the age range 15 to 42 years. However, 75% of participants are aged between 20 and 25 years. In total, about 5,000 people have taken the courses, whose program includes training on the conscious choice of a life partner, after there is a course on problems of family life and parenting. They offer trainings, seminars and classes.

They focus on the education of responsibility among young people. Ahmed explained that the young people who come to take the classes are really childish. They do not like responsibility and generally put all the problems on the shoulders of parents. In addition, they explain to students the social, religious, psychological and sexual aspects of marriage.

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