European fishing vessels return to Morocco waters

Fishing vessels from Portugal, Spain, Holland, Latvia and Lithuania can return to fish in Moroccan waters, according to news in the Portuguese national press.  The 63 licenses were issued under a partnership between the European Union (EU) and Morocco and are valid for four years.

Morocco will get a compensation of EUR 16 million, representing 60% of the 30 million euros that the EU will spend per year. The remaining EUR 14 million will be allocated to support the fisheries sector in the country. The EU ship owners will have to bear an estimated cost of EUR 10 million.

The Portuguese Ship-owners’ Association revealed that the number of licenses allocated to Portugal is not high, but still, is pleased with the news, according to information released by RTP. The Association stressed that this Moroccan area has a lot of potential and climatic conditions that allow, for example, the fishing of sardines during the winter.

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