How to Build Your Real Estate Marketing Team?

The competition is fierce in the real estate industry, and you will need an expert marketing team to set your brand apart from the crowd.

In this article, we will discuss building a strong marketing team for your real estate business.

Email Marketing Team

The email marketing team is an integral part of your marketing team.

For the email marketing team to function efficiently, you must give them the right marketing tools and update them with the latest trends and tactics.

For example, you may have to help your team eliminate manual work wherever possible, such as asking them to avoid manual effort in building the prospect list for email marketing.

How to find someone’s email address without performing a manual search?

Let’s discuss.

How to find someone’s email?

You could use the email lookup tools like to find the email address of your prospects. This tool is the best when you wish to collect the business email addresses of people.

Over sixty thousand active users are using the chrome extension of to scrape bulk email addresses from the LinkedIn platform.

Similarly, it would help if you often spent time with your email marketing team to understand what could be improved and automated so that you make your team skip the unwanted manual effort and concentrate more on innovative approaches.

Social Media Marketer

Make sure you appoint a social media marketer who will create social media accounts on all the extensive networks, post content on your company page, interact with users, promote your properties on the social handles.

You must make sure that your social media marketing team creates posts related to real estate; you can also insist your team take more references through various online and offline sources.

Market Research Analyst

For your real estate business, it is essential to know what other realtors are doing, their websites look like, and their social media strategy. So you must hire a market research analyst to take note of what your competitors are doing.

This is important to avoid the mistakes committed by your competitors and the best practices they have incorporated.

A Pro Photographer

Great photography is required for a successful real estate promotion. If you don’t have a quality photograph of your properties, you will fail to acquire your customer’s interest in even your most outstanding properties.

People will always look forward to exploring the property before pitching directly into the site. Hence, the ideal way to make the customer visit the site is by portraying creative visuals to make the customer curious about the property.

Appoint an experienced photographer, or if you have some hands-on experience in photography and kits, you can go ahead and try to create a perfect portfolio of all your projects.

However, since you have many vital business areas to take care of, you should focus on that and may provide instruction to your photography team.

Besides this, you may have to hire people to take care of the client handling, accounting, and other areas of marketing.

Add Social Sharing on Your Website

Did you know that home shopper are always excited to share the house pictures they like with their friends and family? Hence, it would be best if you made it easy for your target audience (home buyers) to share the details.

Final Thoughts

Real estate is one of the industries that need to approach customers to make the business grow continuously, and for that, a perfect marketing strategy is essential. You could have successful marketing campaigns only when you have a strong team.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

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