Iraq Searches for Kuwaiti Property, Documents

Iraq is calling on its citizens to bring forward any information they may have regarding Kuwaiti property and documents stolen during Saddam Hussein’s invasion of the latter country.  Iraq and Kuwait have been working to improve relations since 2003, especially by resolving outstanding issues remaining from the war.

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The Iraqi foreign ministry issued a statement calling on citizens to turn over the property and documents saying, “The cooperation of Iraqi citizens with the ministry is a national duty to help settle issues that we have inherited as a result of the crimes of the former regime…It will also empower Iraq to resume its normal status within the international community.”  The collected items will be turned over to Kuwait in accordance with a resolution by the United Nations Security Council.

The Iraqi government is offering rewards to anyone who comes forward with information.  This is not the first time Iraq has called for people to provide any information they have on the whereabouts of missing property and documents.  The government placed front-page newspaper ads on the matter in 2010.

Iraq, under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, invaded neighboring Iraq in 1990.  By the time a coalition of Kuwaiti and foreign troops ejected the Iraqi military from the country in 1991, a significant quantity of Kuwaiti documents and property was transferred to Iraq.  The return of these items is covered under UN resolutions relating to the war.

Since the downfall of the Iraqi dictator, the two countries have been working to resolve outstanding issues between them, including renegotiating the terms of reparations.

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