Jordanian Shale Plant Attracts Int’l Attention

Jordan’s Attarat Power Company (APCO) revealed that six international engineering and construction companies have already submitted proposals for the construction of Jordan’s first oil shale power plant.

APCO will evaluate the bids and begin negotiations with the chosen contractors shortly, according to a statement by APCO to Jordan’s local news agency The Jordan Times.

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Project Director Andres Anijalg said, “The bids received today mark another important step in our steady progress towards establishing a source of power generation for Jordan that will be wholly reliant on the Kingdom’s own abundant deposits of oil shale.”

He went on, “We will now proceed with evaluating the bids received and selecting the right contractor that will enable us to maximize the Kingdom’s benefit from this project. According to our project timeline, the construction of the plant is to commence by next year. In order for us to meet that objective and for Jordan to start benefitting from its oil shale resources as soon as possible, we will now need strong support and commitment from Jordanian authorities.”

Jordan’s shale industry is going to be vital for the energy-starved country in the coming years. While Jordan currently imports an astounding 98% of its energy, recent advances in oil shale technology mean that Jordan could one day be much more self-sufficient, as it sits on one of the largest oil shale reserves in the world (estimated deposits of between 40 billion and 70 billion tons).

The APCO plant should begin producing electricity in 2017. If it produces 500 megawatts, as is expected, this one plant alone will reduce Jordan’s power generation expenditure by over JD 350 million annually ($495 million). It will also provide thousands of jobs.

APCO revealed that the bidding consortiums include Alstom/Daewoo E&C (France/Korea), Hyndai E&C/LC International (Korea), Samsung Engineering (Korea), Posco/Daewoo International (Korea), China Machinery Engineering Corporation (China), and Guangdong Power (China).

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