MENA Financiers are More Stressed

A recent study found that despite a relatively strong financial system, particularly in the Gulf, people working in the financial field in the Middle East are significantly more stressed out than their counterparts in other countries.

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In fact, a survey by eFinancialCareers found that 31% of Gulf financiers felt “very” stressed at work, more than people in similar positions in the UK, US, Germany, and France.

In addition, an overwhelming 58% said they were worried about being fired in the next 6 months. As a result, MENA respondents also reported working the most overtime, with 41% replying affirmative.

Interestingly, US respondents said that they are happy with their work-life balance (75%) whereas MENA answers were opposite – 61% said they had no time to enjoy interests outside of work.

One good aspect for MENA workers is that 81% believe they receive the respect they deserve from coworkers.

The Global Managing Director of eFinancial, James Bennett, said of the results, “Stress can significantly impact an employee’s health and well-being. This is not only bad for them, but also bad for business, as it results in lower productivity, higher rates of sickness and absenteeism leading to poor and often negative working environment.”

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