Moroccan School to open next year

The “Moroccan School”, which will provide courses only in English, will open its doors in the coming year. Teachers in the new Agadir-based school will provide a program entirely in English. This new school in the kingdom is accredited by the Ministry of National Education.

“This project began there more than three years (…) Its opening during the next school year comes in perfect timing to coincide with the launch of the International Baccalaureate in Morocco,” says Fatima Iffsate, initiator of the project and Director of Academic Affairs at the “Moroccan School”.

The aim of this school is, according to Fatima Iffsate, “to strengthen the infrastructure of the region in terms of education, by introducing tools and technology means that meet international standards (…) to invest in a generation that it is the future.”

The construction of the school has required an investment of 50 million dirhams, including 8 million allocated to equipment. Moreover, half of the more than 70 teachers come from Great Britain.

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