Morocco: New storing facilities at Free Zone of Tangier

The Free Zone of Tangier is to open a cold store that will enable it to store up to 40 tons of food. The information was released last Thursday (23) in a note by the Tanger Mediterranean Special Agency.

The project involves the construction of a refrigeration unit that, in addition to storage, can be use for conservation, labeling, packaging process and small changes in the products.

The project cost is $10 million and is being funded by Moroccan, Spanish and American investors. The refrigeration unit will facilitate sales of agricultural products to the U.S. market and will enable Government agencies to conduct regulatory controls from Morocco.

The refrigeration unit will benefit mainly Moroccan producers of fruit, vegetables and seafood. The facility will occupy, in its first phase, an area of 6.6 thousand square meters, and generate 55 new jobs.

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