Natural Gas to Fuel Morocco

Analysts and experts have begun pointing to natural gas as a potential source of revenue for Morocco’s government.  However, the government would first need to create a consistent and fair legal framework to give companies and investors what they need to protect interests.

In a statement, President of the Moroccan Energy Federation Abdellah Alaoui pointed out that the country needed to diversify its energy supply.  He said that, “Promoting natural gas will make Moroccan companies considerably more competitive” and emphasized the importance of the sector for job creation.

Energy Minister Fouad Douiri said, “We will increase the use of natural gas by creating a legislative and institutional framework which makes provision for a power and gas regulatory body to be created.”  He added that a legal framework would inevitably have a positive impact on Morocco’s energy cost, make companies more competitive and creating jobs.

Internal experts in natural gas also contributed to the discussion for Morocco.  The head of the Center for Research in Economics and Energy Law, Jacques Percebois, mentioned that Morocco could rely on natural gas for energy because it is affordable, abundantly available, and clean.

Population trends indicate that energy requirements in Morocco will rise 6 percent per year between 2012 and 2050.  This means that the government is looking for ways to diversify the energy supply.  To help, the government will be building a gas terminal to import liquefied natural gas, most likely in the Jorf Lasfar area.

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