Nearly 100,000 people enslaved in Gulf States

A New global index, by charity Walk Free Foundation, was released ordering the countries with higher and lower number of enslaved citizens. The survey studied and ranked a total of 162 countries analyzing total number of enslaved living in the country, the risk of enslavement and the strength of the government’s response to combat such actions. The study showed that proximately 95,000 of a total 30 million enslaved people in the world are located in a gulf state.

Furthermore, of the Gulf States the worst ranking state, Saudi Arabia, placed 82 with 57,000 people enslaved in the country. Following Saudi Arabia is the UAE (18,713), 88th place; Bahrain (2,679) and Qatar (4,168) were ranked equal 96th place and Oman (5,739) which was placed 3 lower than Kuwait (6,608) which was placed at 100th.

The modern concept for slavery is not as most would conventional term. The modern definition for slavery is human trafficking, forced labor, and practices such as debt bondage, forced marriage, and the sale or exploitation of children. It is has become a growing epidemic in the Middle East specifically in Qatar, where approximately 94% of workers are immigrants and were tricked into forced labor.

In terms of human rights the Middle East, in general terms, has much to progress to be able to reach the international standard. Though, a large number of people in Asia also are in similar situations, the Middle East, in an attempt to open its doors to the west, must reach a certain standard.

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