New record at Tanger Med port

The Tanger Med port, located on the Moroccan coast of the Strait of Gibraltar, beat its own record of cargo movement when it  surpassed last Tuesday (24/12) the symbolic benchmark of 2.5 million twenty-foot containers transported through its facilities.

This total represents an increase of 42% compared to 2012, according to a statement by Tanger Med Port Authority (TMPA) released on Friday.

After April 2013, container traffic has stabilized at 200,000 per month on average due to the good performance of the two container terminals and the return of confidence by shipowners, the statement read.

According to information by the Port Authority, the total capacity of the complex will exceed 8 million containers, with 3 million in Terminal 1 and 5.2 million at Terminal 2. Right now, Terminal 2 is not totally complete.

Work on Tanger-Med II began in May 2010 and it is certainly the largest extension of the megaproject port. The first phase of construction of the second port, consisting of two container terminals, is expected to be completed in late 2014 with a length of 1,600 m of quay which will be able to handle 3 million TEUs.

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