Online Gaming Grows in Arab World

The online gaming market is booming in the Arab world, according to a statement issued Monday by the Arab Advisors Group, a computing and telecommunications consulting firm based in Amman, Jordan.  According to the company, the number of online games in the Arabic language went from only one in September 2007 to 135 as of November 2011.
These numbers include 95 multiplayer games and 40 social network-based ones.  As of late last month, the total number of users of Arabic games on Facebook averaged at 2.89 million per month.
The study shows, for instance, that the total number of Arab players of the strategy game Travian, set in the Roman Empire, peaked at one million in January 2009, representing 20 percent of all of the game’s players worldwide at the time.  The Arabic-language version of Facebook-based game Farmville had 1.9 million players by October 2011.
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