Palestinians worried about the retrogression of their economic situation

The latest poll prepared by Dr. Nabil Kukali and conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (, during the period from June 16-24, 2014 covered a random sample of (1012) Palestinian respondents representing the various demographic specimens of adult Palestinians (18 years and above) living in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip. It revealed that (68.3 %) of the Palestinians are worried about the subsistence of their families.                                                      Dr. N. Kukali

Dr. Nabil Kukali, President of the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, said in a statement that the Palestinian public are anxious about the abduction of the three Israel teenagers and about the implications that would affect the economic situation, as the majority of the Palestinians, specifically (54 %), believe that the economic situation in the Palestinian territories –as a result thereof- will retrogress.

Dr. Kukali indicated that the Palestinian citizen is generally suffering from a severe economic situation and from being incapable of meeting his manifold obligations towards his family. The ordinary Palestinian, Dr. Kukali added, is living in a permanent state of anxiety as the economic situation prevailing over the Palestinian territories is extremely difficult, particularly in Gaza Strip, that is suffering from a continuous siege, from closure of the border-crossings, as well as from the restrictions laid on the movement of the Gazians and on the entry of essential goods and wares.
Dr. Kukali further pointed out that in respect of the dominant severe economic and living conditions in the Palestinian territories and the recent Israeli pressure, particularly after the heartbreaking abduction of the Israeli teenage boys and the peace process reaching a deadlock, it is time for the international community to interfere by exerting pressure on Israel to lift up the blockade from Gaza, to open the border-crossings and allow the free passage of imports and exports and the free movement of the people.

Dr. Kukali concluded his statement saying that the Palestinian government of national consensus is adopting an economic policy that is aiming at mitigating poverty and unemployment, combating the rise of prices and looking for new financial resources as to cover the payment of the employees’ salaries in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, helping thereby the citizens to raise the standard of their living.

The economic situation following the abduction of three Israeli teenagers
Regarding the question:” Following the abduction of the three Israeli teenagers on June 12, 2014, do you think that the economic situation in the country would improve, retrogress, or remain unchanged ?” , (20.6 %) said “it would improve”, (54.1 %) “it would retrogress”,
(22.2 %) “would remain unchanged” and (3.1 %) answered “I don’t know”.

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