Qatar 2022 investigation nearing end

It is predicted that FIFA would disclose a report on corruption cases involving the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, in late July. However, the Ethics Committee of the football governing body claimed on Monday that it only aims to show more precise data about the investigation until early September. The note indicates that it may have a further delay.

In early June, those responsible for the investigation were asked about the deadline for the release of the report, and they reply that there will be already an answer on the 9th of that month. After that, FIFA met in a conference with all member federations in Brazil, on the eve of the World Cup, but there was no news.

The reports indicate that Qatar’s football officials have disbursed approximately $ 5 million to buy the votes of those who choose to host the 2022 World Cup there. Main area of investigations, according to the first suspicion would be in Africa, which had four people participating in the selection process by FIFA.

With suspicions of vote buying for the choice of Qatar for 2022, FIFA has problems related to the next two World Cup hosts. If the Middle Eastern country is confirmed to be involved in this corruption scandal, and Russia is going through a political crisis, which intensified after the shooting down of an airplane on the border with Ukraine – the main conflict zone.

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