Qatar can face changes

Qatar is the leading Arab country in terms of facing changes, according to “Change Readiness Index” (CRI), published by the KPMG   consulting firm in collaboration with Oxford Economics. The survey assesses the ability of 90 countries (developed and developing) to manage change and cultivate the resulting opportunity.

According to the KPMG website, “change can include short-term negative shocks, such as natural disasters or social instability, or longer-term change opportunities, such as technologies or emerging market growth and competition. The way a country responds to, mitigates, and takes advantage of change has a significant impact on its ability to achieve sustained economic growth and share the benefits of that growth with all of its citizens. The CRI can be used to inform national governments to identify and address capability gaps, the development community to better tailor aid programs, and private sector enterprises to improve the targeting of their investments and the reduction of risks.”

Among the nations surveyed Singapore was selected as the most prepared to face changes , followed by Sweden , Qatar , New Zealand , Germany , Israel , Japan , Saudi Arabia , Australia and the UK . The study was carried out in partnership with Oxford Economics economic analyzes and assesses the ability of countries to cope with changes in three areas: enterprise capability, government capability, the capability of people and civil society to absorb changes.

In each of these areas were evaluated sectors such as infrastructure, tax policy and budget, food and energy security, access to information and health, among others.

Among the Arabs nations, in addition to Qatar and Saudi Arabia the survey includes Jordan (30th place), Tunisia (39), Morocco (40) , Syria (56) Egypt (63) , Yemen (79) and Algeria (81). The last place ranking is occupied by Afghanistan.

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