Royal Air Morocco to sue Italian newspaper

The Moroccan airline Royal Air Morocco will sue the Italian newspaper Corriere di Bologna for spreading “false information” after the newspaper had reported a story about a passenger allegedly carrying a bomb and threatened to blow up the plane, based on eyewitnesses.

The incident took place on Friday as a Moroccan family was travelling in an aircraft of the Royal Air Morocco, on a flight from Bologna Marconi International Airport to Mohamed V Casablanca International Airport (Morocco). The newspaper article reported about a veiled woman, who after she was insulted by another passenger and started to scream that she was going to blow up the plane.

She also has pulled out a 1.5 liter bottle of water, which is not allowed to be sold at the airport and banned on airplanes. The other passengers were panicking.

The plane turned around and the police were called. The problem with this story is that the newspaper speaks of an Airbus but the airline has no Airbus, and also there is no mention of flight number and schedule. Thus, Royal Air Morocco has decided to lodge a complaint against the Corriere Bologna.

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