Sky news Arabian TV Crew missing in Syria

Sky News Arabia, an Abu Dhabi News channel, informed the local government that they had lost contact with three crew members who were filming in northern Syria. This area is notorious to be dangerous for journalist.

The television broadcaster said reporter Ishak Moctar, a Mauritanian national, cameraman Samir Kassab, a Lebanese citizen, and a Syrian driver whose name is being withheld at his family’s request, went missing while on assignment near Aleppo, northern Syria, on Tuesday morning.

The team was on an assignment that was focused largely on covering the humanitarian aspects of Syria’s two and a half year civil war, said the news channel head, Nart Bouran. “We will continue to make every effort to contact them and to ensure their safe return so that they can continue their vital work,” Bouran said.

Sky News Arabia said it was in contact with the journalists’ families to update them on the latest developments and efforts to reach them. France also exclaimed publicly the kidnaping of two journalists in mid-June. The two men, Nicolas Henan, working for Le Point magazine, and Pierre Torres, reporting for French-German television channel Arte, were taken on June 22, but their disappearance had not previously been made public. Apparently France decided to take advantage of public coverage of the Sky News Team to make known there similar situation.

Syria is the most dangerous place in the world for journalists, the Committee to Protect Journalists says, with at least 39 killed and 21 kidnapped in 2012 by both rebels and government forces. Most kidnapped journalists have been released, but several remain missing.

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