Tunisia opposes foreign intervention in Libya

Tunisia is opposed to any foreign intervention in neighboring Libya, where deadly fighting in recent weeks between rival militias intensified the chaos, said Monday the Tunisian Foreign Minister, Mongi Hamdi. “We reject any foreign intervention in Libya (…) we are working to help the brothers in Libya to reach a political solution. We in Tunisia believe that a political solution is the only solution, “he said.

Tunisia, which has a porous border with Libya, has strengthened its military and police presence near its neighbor for fear of the Libyan conflict spreads. It also announced its refusal to host refugees as in 2011 during the war supported by the Western military to overthrow the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. Algeria has dismissed for its part last week any military intervention in Libya, also calling for a political solution.

Libya has been the scene since mid-July of deadly clashes between various militias in Tripoli, the capital, and Benghazi (east). The Libyan authorities have never managed to control the dozens of militias formed by ex-rebels, in the absence of an army and a well-trained regular police.

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