UAE Battles Job Recruitment Fraud

The UAE’s largest oil marketing firm, Adnoc (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) is warning jobseekers of a new scam – a false job contract that includes compensation, benefits, and even details like an employee number.

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To battle the fraud, Adnoc is taking out ads in various newspapers and advertising positions to warn potential employees.

Adnoc released a public statement saying, “It has been observed that a number of people from different nationalities in the UAE and abroad have been receiving through their e-mails counterfeited job offers and employment contacts that are sent by inexistent or scam entities offering fictitious jobs at Adnoc.”

“To appear truly convincing, the fake employment contracts are signed by a so-called HR manager usually featuring the name and logo of Adnoc or one of its Group of Companies on their letter heads and pages.”

“The fraudulent job offers, which are usually sent through e-mails, inform the victim based on his academic qualification and experience, he has been offered a job opportunity with Adnoc.”

The statement adds, “The bogus job contract offers attractive compensation and benefits and indicates detailed information such as an employment number and working hours of the prospective employee. The forged job offer asks the victim to remit cash money to cover the work permit, visa application and recruitment fee.”

Adnoc clarified that its recruitment process always includes an in-person interview and never requires any form of payment. In fact, requirement payment from jobseekers is against the law in the UAE.

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