Upgrading Your Door Security

Upgrading Your Door Security

There are so many options available now to upgrade your home security. You can install top-of-the-line surveillance cameras, burglar alarms, motion sensors and also kick it up a notch by investing in video doorbells for the front door.

With new and smart gadgets on the market, video doorbells wireless are some of the best security systems you could invest in. Small, compact and at a fraction of the cost, this little device is a powerful one. It installs easily on your front door or gate and can give you the benefits of multiple things in one!

Why Should You Get a Video Doorbell?

A video doorbell is an excellent security appliance to invest in. What’s even better are the wireless (battery-operated) video doorbells. They’re super easy to unpack, install and get started. In a nutshell, they are a hassle-free, quick-to-use gadget that meets your home security needs.

Video doorbells not only give you the benefit of an intercom, where you can communicate with whoever is outside from the safety of being within your home, they also give you a live video feed and remote access too. So you don’t even have to be home to answer the door! You can also clearly see who is standing outside your door and whether they are who they claim to be.

The best part is that smart video doorbells are able to record a good few hours of video to view later. You can record who was around your property at a time when you were not home and view that clip when you get back home – or even straight from your mobile phone!

Another amazing benefit is that the video is saved, so you can watch the playback in case you want to double-check what was going on in your absence and if you want to go over your interaction with whoever was at your door.

Facial recognition and motion detection are also features that are included in some smart video doorbells. You can input faces and names of people who you would prefer to get alerts on when they’re at your door, so as to avoid getting unnecessary alerts, like every time a squirrel were to run through your front porch.

One thing that makes this a favorite home security product is the price and installation factor. The Google Nest Doorbell for instance retails at $179.99. Smart video doorbells cost a fraction of the price of surveillance cameras, alarm systems, panic buttons and so on.

In fact, they don’t even come with lots of parts and equipment that need to be strategically set up and installed or any contractual obligations. Not to mention the maintenance fees and repair costs of these other hefty security systems.

Why Should You Choose Wireless Video Doorbells

In today’s time, almost everything is wireless. It’s just more convenient and higher-tech that way. Lesser equipment and parts to deal with and better outcomes. It’s definitely time to upgrade your door security system, and here are some quick reasons why you should go wireless:


Wireless video doorbells perform as well as, if not better than the wired models. They are more durable, work with internet connectivity and on a battery, and are ultimately a cost-effective way to take charge of your home security compared to other measures that are expensive and extensive to subscribe and install.

The Specifications

Video doorbells come built with an amazing high-quality microphone and camera recording quality. Some models also come with night vision, which means you can see who is at your door in the dark of the night, and also keep an eye out on who or what roams your property. Some smart video doorbells also feature alerts triggered by motion detection or even facial recognition.

Super Easy To Use

All you have to do after unboxing your bell is make sure the batteries are charged, or put in a fresh set and that your device is connected to the home Wi-Fi network. You can check the ringer to see if it’s on and test the microphone, and then you’re good to go after you’ve selected a great place to hang it up. All that needs to be done is to install its mount and place the device within it. With wired video doorbells however, there is a little bit of technical bits required when it comes to installation.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your home security system by investing in a wireless video doorbell today. You will definitely get the peace of mind you have been looking for. No more need to pay for expensive security services, and get into contractual obligations. Smart products have opened doors for upgrading your home security network in an affordable manner and with the smart tech to keep your home safe and accessible to you from wherever you are.

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