World’s Largest Shoe Store Opens in Dubai

You could say that it is the dream of Carrie Bradshaw, the character of Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex in the City, materialized.  Level Shoe District has opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the largest shoe store in the world.

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The Level Shoe District store opened its doors on Thursday with about 15,000 models from over 250 shoe brands spread across 9,000 square meters at the Dubai Mall.  The store is divided into four areas: female famous designers, female contemporaries, male, and trends, as well as 40 special spaces designated for brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci.  In addition to being distinguished by the wide selection, the store will also serve as the first place that brands such as Louis Vuitton will launch their new collections, carrying the shoes before any other store in the world.

Level is also dedicated to launching local brands within the area called The Zoo in order to discover new talent.  Special rooms are set up so that stylists can meet exclusive customers.  Other new features include a spa specializing in foot treatments under the signature of Margaret Dabbs, podiatrist to international celebrities; a space dedicated for tennis shoes ranging from Nike to Lanvin; and a VIP lounge to serve customers who want privacy.

The store is the latest venture by Chalhoub Group, which operates more than 450 businesses within the luxury segment in the Middle East.  A spokesman for the company told WWD website that women in the Middle East are the most passionate about shoes in the world, but that the success of the store will also be guaranteed by the approximately 10 million tourists who come to Dubai annually.

By the end of the year, the Level Shoe District will add new spaces, including the Vogue Café, operated by the international magazine publisher, Condé Nast.

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